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Hayward, WI has been chosen as the location for a Documentary Film Featuring Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) entitled:

Ovarian Cancer & Early Detection: The Story of a Northwoods Community Making a Difference


An inspiring 50-minute to one-hour documentary about how a community comes together on a grassroots level to foster positive change in the world. At its core, the film is rooted in the vital mission of Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) in contributing to an early detection test for ovarian cancer via its collaboration with Penn Vet Working Dog Center’s Canine Scent Detection program. OCSA’s innovative Veterinary Outreach Program was established in Illinois on January 29,  2013.  Members of this trusted medical discipline have immediate access to individuals already inclined to discuss health issues in their presence, and offer additional voices that can spread the word about the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer and help save lives. And behind the extraordinary OCSA-supported research taking place at Penn Vet there are dynamic, dedicated community volunteers, supporters, veterinarians, artists and business leaders who have united organically to help humanity flourish in Hayward, Wisconsin and many regions of Illinois. Their unique stories and the engaged local camaraderie they’ve built serve as a model for how communities across America can join forces toward promoting a sense of goodness and respect for society at large.

The Film will be premiered at The Park Center in Hayward, WI in 2023.  Distribution of the film under the fundraising guidelines of In My Brother’s Shoes, Inc: could include colleges of veterinary medicine, colleges of medicines, hospitals, medical not for profit organizations, Native American Pow Wows, Wisconsin Tourism Associations, Sports Associations, Fishing Associations, Veterans Associations, and Police K9 Units.

Filmmaker Lucia Mauro, a three time ovarian cancer survivor was so inspired by the community support and engaging stories during her screening of “One Year Later” in Hayward, WI in September 2021 that she’ll be filming a documentary centering on OCSA’s message, its Hayward friends, supporters and regional highlights. In St. Charles, IL she will film OCSA founding veterinarians and will make a visit to Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Philadelphia to film Cindy Otto, DVM along with OCSA Veterinary student interns. In Hayward, WI she will film a local veterinarian who sits on the OCSA Advisory Board.

The Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization (OCSA) requests funding to support a community project in Hayward, WI; St. Charles, IL and Penn Vet Working Dog Center, Philadelphia, PA. The documentary is written & directed by Lucia Mauro In My Brother’s Shoes, Inc. – non-profit film production organization, see

The film will be dedicated in memory of two extraordinary women.

Our first heroine is the inspirational OCSA co-founder Susan M. Roman walking with her dog Bacchus. Because of her love of animals, and the belief that her dog, Bacchus, alerted her to the fact that there was something wrong with her, we knew bringing the human/animal bond into our awareness outreach initiatives was meaningful.  We  were inspired by her quest to raise awareness not only about the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer but to also draw attention to the unselfish role women play in caring for the needs of their family and friends – sometimes to the detriment of their own health.

Our second heroine is Katelyn Klepitsch, who at the age of 20 passed away from ovarian cancer in August of 2013. She was the niece of OCSA Board member Kurt Klepitsch, DVM and was a very special young lady who enchanted everyone she met. Her Uncle Kurt, father Karl and many members of the immediate family continue to support OCSA’s mission. Katelyn’s Grandmother Carolyn Klepitsch and Kurt’s Mother-In-Law Mae Novak volunteered at OCSA Dog Walks and Golf Outings. Their participation has been very special for all of us. In addition, OCSA’s official headquarters reside at Kurt’s Gateway Veterinary Clinic in St. Charles, IL.  The OCSA Veterinary Student Scholarship was awarded annually from 2014-2021 to Penn Vet Working Dog Center in her memory.

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Team OCSA needs your support to fund this exciting documentary which will premiere at the Park Center in Hayward, WI in 2023. The 19-Day Film shoot takes place February-September 2022. The total funds needed for the film shoot & post production for the Writer, Director, Production Manager, Equipment, Production Crew, Editor, Sound Design, Motion Graphics & Music plus transportation and accommodations is $50,000. Our goal is to raise those funds!
National, State and Local Veterinary Leadership in attendance at the 2013 Veterinary Outreach Program Launch at Gateway Veterinary Clinic, St Charles, IL

Please note the poster of Ch Khalin, OCSA spokes dog with our call to action: You Take Care of Your Pet, Your Pet Takes Care of You, You Need to Take Care of Yourself

Team OCSA Hayward, WI

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